Deciding on Open or Closed Headphones

When you are in the market for a new pair of headphones, the question that you are going to ask is whether you should be going for the open or the closed variety. And we think that it is very smart that you have come to us with this question. It is much better to ask these types of questions before you are making a purchase. Otherwise you may get to a point where you are buying the headphones and using them for the first time, and they are just not what you were expecting.

Let us start by saying that closed headphones are the ones that you see most often. When you are on the train or bus, or you are walking on the street, and you see someone with big headphones on their head listening to music, they are using closed headphones. Why? Because if they were using open headphones, you would be able to hear the songs they were playing on their phone or MP3 player. That is what you are going to get if you were to buy an open pair of headphones. The sound leaks, and it leaks a lot.

In fact, if you were in a quiet room and you turned on the music to 75 percent volume and you played a song, you do not have to put those headphones on your ears and you could clearly hear everything in the song. That is how much sound leakage you are going to get. But the thing about open headphones is they sound so much clearer and more realistic as compared to the closed ones. But the closed ones will work for you if you are using them in a public space. So that is the choice that you have. It is up to you to know how you will use those headphones before buying!

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