Make Pin Badges Your Corporate Badge Of Honor

Why would anyone wish to have a pin badge placed on the lapel of their jacket or coat? And what does it have to do with honor? How does it tie up with your corporate image or impression? Speaking of ties, they make a good impression as well, if it is designed to reflect or match your corporate image or identity. There is another nice benefit that corporate pin badges carry. Because it’s made from solid metal, it’s likely to last for a long time.

So there you go, whether you are dispensing identity badges to your staff members, or rewarding exceptional team players and customers for their loyalty, the pin badges help to create a lasting impression. Unless, of course, a staff member or customer’s child is going to get a hold of this precious little badge and stomp all over it. But, of course, such small artifacts should be nowhere in the vicinity of any small child who could just as easily pop it into its hungry little mouth and swallow it.

pin badges

But of course, you will not allow this to happen. Not if you were to be rewarded with such a badge of honor. You would surely wish to keep your famous bit of memorabilia stored away in a safe drawer when you are not wearing your jacket. Let us then, reflect for a few moments more on why a metal or tin or silver badge is good for your company image. Internally, all staff should have one pinned to their work jackets, overalls or lab coats.

This is important if you are operating from a large industrial spot and with so many workers on the premises, no-one is likely to remember each and everyone’s name. By allowing staff to get to know one another, even if just by name, you are helping to create a sense of camaraderie. You are also letting hardworking men and women know that they are part of one big happy family, something for them to look forward to in the morning when they are getting their children ready for the day care center before smartly getting themselves ready for work.

The distinct but discreet name tags are also important for your customers. You will, of course, always encourage your staff members to politely make their acquaintances upon meeting valued customers for the first time, but in the busy hustle and bustle, names can easily be forgotten. So as not to presume too much of your clients, always ensure that the badges carry the staff members’ full name. While a first name basis is really a good thing for encouraging friendliness, there will always be an occasion when formal codes of conduct are required, especially when dealing with clients directly on the shop floor.

Yes, you could even prepare a set of badges for your regular and most valued clients who need to visit your premises often. You can make them feel part of your corporate family too.  

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